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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics Testing

Our Services

Purity Testing

Purity Testing can occur with both raw materials and finished products to determine if the material is safe and doesn't contain contaminants like pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Identity Testing

Identity Testing is normally conducted on raw materials before they are combined to make a finished product — i.e. is this green tea extract REALLY green tea extract.

Potency Testing

Potency Testing is typically done on the finished products to make sure the label claims are accurate — i.e. Grams of Protein, Vitamin A content, etc.


Full Customer Experience Service

We will be with you from concept to finished product. Our expert team of dedicated professionals will help you stay confident you're getting what you need and what you market to your client base and customers. We're available around the clock to assist you with any and all questions concerning your project. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


Nutritional Supplement Testing Services:

Nutraceutical Product Testing Services:

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